New version of Flock coming this week

Flock will be made available for the public some time next week (probably on monday), and the private release was supposed to be out yesterday, though i haven’t gotten any announcement email from the Flock Dev Team about it.

The new version of Flock will fix some really annoying bugs and will give the browser more functionallity, and more import tools are also expected.

The Web Service (Breadcrumbs, history, etc) will be dropped and i expect some service like to be used instead of it.

The Blog Manager is also expected to include more features, like the ability to add links without messing with the HTML code, and probably will use XHTML markup instead of HTML 4.1.

So now a new browser is out of private beta, IE will get more competition (Flock is based on Firefox and uses it’s rendering engine, so it hardly counts as competition for Firefox), and I will review it when I get the ‘OK’ from the Flock Dev Team.

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