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Today I got an invite to test Measure Map, and since I’m allowed to write about it, here it goes:

Measure Map is a Web application that helps people get to know theirblogs. We do this by collecting and analyzing blog-specific trafficstatistics and presenting them in a browsable interface that encouragesexploration. It is an experience that offers meaningful insight intothe effects caused by small changes in how you blog, rather than theoverwhelming complexity of most web stats tools with theirquery/report-style analytic methods. Measure Map provides understandingby refocusing the difficult problem of web statistics and solving it just for blogs.

After registering for the service, I simply had to add some JavaScript to my Blog’s footer.php, single.php and comments.php (this is for a WordPress Blog, obviously for other blogging software, other files/templates have to be edited). Then I was told to visit a couple of my blog’s pages, just to check how fast and reliable this application can be:
After clicking a couple of links to posts and comments, i switched back to the Measure Map tab, and to my surprise, just after reloading I saw the very same number of clicks logged, and it also surprised me that it logs other information, like how many comments your blog (and posts) has, and it creates nice graphs for things like comments/month, visitors/month and so on.

Measure Map also shows me incoming links to my blog, and hopefully, since it relies on JavaScript, I won’t be seeing those referrer spam links I always get with other tracking software, the downside of this is, that if a visitor has JavaScript turned off, the visit won’t be logged at all, but I can live with that.

Another thing that impressed me about Measure Map, is that it uses many technologies, like Flash for the graphs and the visitor’s country ‘image’ which also let’s you zoom in.
The design is easy on the eyes and pretty simple and intuitive: Want to see your posts stats? A click on the ‘posts’ image and you’re there, the same for the other links.

But with like every alpha (beta, and in some cases, even final) version, there are some things that could’ve been done another way, for example using AJAX ( a là Google Maps) instead of Flash, since a lot of users don’t install flash just to get rid of the ugly flash ads some sites have.
And there’s also the downside of using new and revolutionary technologies: A lot of bugs are bound to be there, and it’s not compatible with old Browsers, but then again, people should’ve stopped using IE 4-5 and old Opera versions a long time ago.

Overall I like Measure Map more than other stats applications, and though I’d like to compare it with other tools, I won’t till I see the final version.

More on Measure Map as features get added, bugs fixed, etc..

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