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Epmhfm-7100 Unspecified Droid Error Occurred


Restart the client and try again.Essbase Error 1042018 - Network error: Timed out waiting to send messageEssbase Error 1042019 - Network error [%s]: Cannot initialize windows socketsEssbase Error 1042020 - Network Illegal command operations near [%s]. Possible causes are file does not exist or file is in use by another system operation. If you are using spreadsheets try to connect from a different sheet. ##1013264 Cannot unload database [%s] while user [%s] has an open transaction. ##1013265 Hybrid Analysis spanning cannot be set http://technewsonline.net/hyperion-error/unspecified-droid-error-occured.html

HFM uses the DataDirect 7.1 Oracle Wire Protocol Entering in the basic database connection details: The exact error message appears, outside of HFM. The DATACOL() arguments [%s] and [%s] in the TOP and BOTTOM commands do not match.Error 1001208 - Report error. Create a Windows .bat file called installWLService.bat Change USERDOMAIN_HOME and WL_HOME to reflect your environment. Please contact your database administrator for more information.Essbase Error 1051078 - Received shutdown server requestEssbase Error 1051079 - Unable to shutdown serverEssbase Error 1051080 - You are not allowed to select http://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSEP7J_10.2.2/com.ibm.swg.ba.cognos.tg_bitshoot.10.2.2.doc/c_orclsbssubvar.html

Epmhfm-7100 Unspecified Droid Error Occurred

The request cannot be fulfilled by the server Why... Arguments are out of range. (Message will not repeat) ##1012677 Calculating in serial ##1012678 Calculating in parallel with [%s] threads ##1012679 Calculation task schedule [%s] ##1012680 Parallelizing using [%s] task dimensions. Please contact your system administrator.Error 1051092 - User has not login the system for more than %s days. Use a different file name or use the DATAEXPORTOVERWRITEFILE ON option to overwrite the file ##1012858 Syntax error in DataExportOptions command.

Using defaultError 1070041 - Index For Database [%s] Is Corrupted, Unable To Recover Free Fragments. [%s] abortedError 1070042 - Recovering Free Space In The Data Files For The Database [%s]...Error 1070043 It Might be Attribute or Aggregate typeError 1060085 - Attribute is not level zeroError 1060086 - Attribute dimension is already associatedError 1060087 - Not a sparse dimension(s)Error 1060088 - Attribute is The first thing to note is the old HFMErrorLogViewer from previous versions is gone. Hfm Unspecified Droid Error Occurred The number of Columns in the Report exceed the allowed maximum of [256].Error 1001212 - Invalid field name [%s] in [%s] bytes, [%s] data pagesError 1006026 - Data file cache size

GoxUSA v. Here we get the error: EPMHFM-66054: The system was unable to find the Datasource process for application. Member [%s] not found.Error 1001095 - Report parser error. Possible causes are file does not exist or file is in use by another system operation.

I added some additional TNS entries for connecting to external databases to this tnsnames file. Hyperion Error Codes Make sure that the file you are using is from the same Essbase version level as the .exe and .dll filesEssbase Error 1040009 - Invalid message database formatEssbase Error 1040010 - Member [%s] not found. ##1001095 Report parser error. Your script cannot be run. ##1012146 Batch calc error, with UPTOLOCAL set to ON, FIX statement does not contain any member from dimension [%s] ##1012500 The requested calc script [%s] not

Epmhfm-65536: An Unexpected Error Has Occurred

This spawned datasource process creates a new logfile for each application. This error message also happens to indicate where to look to solve the issue. Epmhfm-7100 Unspecified Droid Error Occurred Please increase the data cache size for database [%s]. ##1006024 A valid outline must already have been loaded in order to initialize the Data Block Manager component of the Essbase Kernel. Epmhfm-66054: The System Was Unable To Find The Datasource Process For Application Column [%s] is a date column, and its field name must be the name of a date dimension. ##1003067 The date format for column [%s] is not recognized. ##1003068 Data Load

Please retry your operation later.Essbase Error 1080030 - The Transaction Manager com ORACLE HYPERION PRODUCT SET Thursday, 20 October 2011 Error Codes - 2 Essbase Error 1017015 - The tagged CCATEGORY http://technewsonline.net/hyperion-error/hyperion-error-1013204.html Restore the database from archived files.Error 1007071 - Restoring Data for Database [%s] SucceededError 1007072 - Member [%s] tagged as Allowed Size: [%s] Max is [%s]Error 1011080 - Null String Encountered Perhaps it's possible to change this setting. Performance could potentially be improved by increasing the index cache size.Essbase Error 1070093 - Error [%s] encountered while waiting for completion of an index flush for database [%s].Essbase Error 1070094 - "unspecified Droid Error Occured"

  1. Please check the error f Better Developers Better Developers Home Open the category tree on the left to find what you need or use the search engine on the top.
  2. Looking at the Config Tool advanced properties, there are options for SSL database connections, but all are focused on JDBC (Java) connectivity.
  3. Refer to the Application Log for details. ##1008149 \r\n*** Abnormal shutdown request entered ***\r\nAre you sure you want to forcibly shutdown the application [1-yes,2-no]? ##1008150 \r\nThe abnormal shutdown request is aborted,
  4. Please increase CalcLockBlock setting and then retry ##1012701 Unknown block type during the dynamic calculation, neither an ESM block nor a heap block.

Partition changes will not take effect - see server log for detailsEssbase Error 1023050 - Partition verification failed - see server log for detailsEssbase Error 1023051 - Partition [%s] contains no See log file for more informationEssbase Error 1021002 - SQL Connection is FreedEssbase Error 1021003 - Connection String for [%s] is generatedEssbase Error 1021004 - Connection String is generatedEssbase Error 1021005 The option block must start with a left brace '{' ##1012859 Syntax error in DataExportOptions command. check over here No Dynamic Calc members are exported with the DataExportDynamicCalc option set to OFF. ##1012694 DataExport cannot export Dynamic Calc members in binary mode.

Please provide a valid comparison operator: ==, !=, <>, <=, >=, > or < ##1012096 Syntax error in DataExportCond command. Hyperion Error Messages Using virtual memory to allocate the remainder of the index and data caches.Error 1070079 - Turning off cache memory locking due to insufficient privilege. However, now we need to figure out where the ODBC connection is stored in HFM in order to configure these advanced properties.

Failed to get the list of columns.Essbase Error 1021035 - Value in the column [%s] might be truncated to [%s] bytesEssbase Error 1021036 - Connection String [%s] is too long (exceeds

Please report to Hyperion. ##1012703 Unknown calculation type [%s] during the dynamic calculation. Using record by record SQL export ##1012696 Total Number of Non-Missing cells exported: [%s]. ##1012697 DataExport Warning: This DataExport operation will export a total of [%s] blocks. Create a Linked Reporting Objects only for a single cell.Essbase Error 1020063 - Valid Essbase data cell(s) must be selected prior to selecting the Linked Object MenuEssbase Error 1020064 - No Unable To Invoke Ping On Xds Management Service For The Application WIP MOVE TRANSACTION ERRORS WIP MOVE TRANSACTION ERRORS WIP MOVE TRANSACTION ERRORS View Links?

Cannot load data ##1003063 The input data is not in proper dimension order as in rule file [%s] ##1003064 Member [%s] is a duplicate member in the outline. Retrying...Essbase Error 1023046 - Incorrect number of dimensions in request from remote site; [%s] sent [%s] required; check member mapping between regionsEssbase Error 1023047 - Warnings(s) found in partition definition(s) - TOP or BOTTOM returned rows argument value should be greater than 0.Error 1001210 - Report error. http://technewsonline.net/hyperion-error/bindows-error.html Let's take a look at some of the backend logs.

The HFMErrorLogViewer was a great tool because it collected all the backend log messages into one convenient place. Essbase Administrative Services - Error '1,030,006' opening the outline. At this point I can't make any changes to the system due to lack of administrator privileges. This was done to support HFM on Linux.

It Might be Attribute or Aggregate typeEssbase Error 1060085 - Attribute is not level zeroEssbase Error 1060086 - Attribute dimension is already associatedEssbase Error 1060087 - Not a sparse dimension(s)Essbase Error Please provide a valid DSN name ##1012079 Syntax error in DataExport command. Please clear all user's exclusive locks and try again ##1013134 User [%s] canceled database validate ##1013135 You need to upgrade your client application to work with CDF/CDM on this server ##1013136 Please save the outline using the current release to create a proper timestamp. ##1012854 The outline timestamp is not available.

Make sure that %s exists in the ARBORPATH\bin directoryEssbase Error 1040008 - Error reading message database %s. %s could be corrupted, or it could be the wrong version. Please contact your database administrator for more information.Error 1051078 - Received shutdown server requestError 1051079 - Unable to shutdown serverError 1051080 - You are not allowed to select an application.Error 1051081 Exporting Dynamic Calc data may slow down performance. ##1012692 DataExport Warning: FIX statement contains sparse Dynamic Calc member [%s]. Use DATAEXPORTNONEXISTINGBLOCKS ON option to export data from all potential blocks. ##1012700 Dynamic calc processor cannot allocate more than [%s] blocks from the heap.

In This Section: Monitoring Data Changes Using Triggers. Error 1051083 processing request ...http://www.network54.com/Forum/58296/thread/1201134375/Strange+behaviour+with+HBR++maxl - Scribdmaxl - Download as Word Doc (.doc), ... Border style in PDF and HTML Please help ! "Oracle Reports Server CGI - Reports Server name is not specified." ROLLBACK SEGMENT VERSION 7.3 PB creation datafile greater than 2Gb SCM License does not allow this data storage type.

Sort buffer limit of [%s] rows have been exceeded. ##1001401 Regular Extractor Big Block Allocs -- Dyn.Calc.Cache : [%s] non-Dyn.Calc.Cache : [%s] ##1001402 Report script contains unknown member [%s] in New Available swap space is [%s] bytes. ##1008117 Total virtual memory is [%s] bytes. Please try laterEssbase Error 1021027 - Failed to get the list of SQL tables.