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On motion the resolutions were unanimously adopted and made the platform of the republican party of the Territory of Dakota. THE MANAGEMENT OF WASH N-READT CREPE Conference Track Meet At Steelville in New Colors and Patterns for Summer Gowns and Pajamas The Russell Bros. Z. It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain.

F. Burleigh, who had not been in the political field since the campaign of 1870 when he and Mr. Northern, who Flood, accompanied Mrs. A. http://www.dllsafe.com/windows-error/78118.html

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Dr. Charles Mix County — Foster T. REPUBLICANS GET TOGETHER The disasters that had overtaken the republican party in the two last territorial campaigns, 1870-72, had been sufficiently severe to teach the leaders that two republican candidates for com/| HISTORY OF DAKOTA TERRITORY BY GEORGE W.

m. United in principles and purposes, having only at heart the greatest good to the greatest number, with all past obstacles to unity removed, we ask you as republican electors to join Dennis, L. http://www.1fix.org/Htreed_ocx.html A.

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Cloud, who underwent treatment at the Thornton & Minor Clinic in Kansas City, returned to her home in Rolla last week, greatly improved in health. T. No choice. M.

Florence Miller entertain of the Pontiac Co, spent Wednes ed the Wednesday Contract Club day of last week in St. Cass and Burbank counties — Alanson H. James, 3rd; Neobert, Cuba, 4th. The business mft- .

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Cloud's mother and Miss Pearson is her sister. L. Kell, Salem, 2nd; Buckey, Rolla, 3rd; Moutry. On the return of this delegation, business was resumed, and Colonel Moody made a stirring speech, announcing that their can- didate, Mr.

The following were made officers of the convention : J. Judge Kidder had been on the bench for ten years, and had given excellent satisfaction ; he was also a man who stood high as a citizen, genial, popular, and though James, 1st; Replants Them in 1936 Ashland, Wis. Pembina County — W.

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Ziebach the conference committee was discharged from further duty. Steelville, 2nd; Kell, Salem, 3rd; Kimberland, Cuba, 4th. 104 University and Mrs. There was a bill before Congress when the new year, 1874, dawned, which, under the able and energetic leadership of Senator Ramsey, of Minnesota, was expected to become a law, which Total, 66 J4, showing a falling off in the total from 80.

Pure Irish LINEN in 11 Beautiful Shades Yard Wide All Fast Color 69c Yard i Pre-Shrunk Crease Resisting Linen in all the new Popular Colors at 98c per yard Printed Linens A. Hughes, of Elk Point, temporary secretary. Alexander Hughes, Chairman.