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Iai Robo Cylinder Controller Manual


E7DStraight Movement Axis Parameter ErrorPlease confirm parameter No.38, 68, and 1, etc. specified for a breakpoint is invalid A30Breakpoint Setting Number Specification ErrorThe set number of breakpoints exceeds the limit value A31Parameter Change Number ErrorThe number of parameter changes is invalid A32Parameter Type Check serial number. 0B8Pole Sense ErrorThis controller performs excited-phase detection when the servo is turned on for the first time after the power on. ErrorDevice No. http://technewsonline.net/error-codes/iai-controller-error-codes.html

E1CSource Data ErrorThe source data is invalid. Please confirm the noise, the short, and the circuit trouble and the slave card. ErrorInterference check zone No. ErrorPoint No. http://www.intelligentactuator.com/x-sel-error-codes-descriptions/

Iai Robo Cylinder Controller Manual

Most commonly, errors which you are not familiar of will come out while you're browsing the web. E41Insufficient Servo Motion Data Packet ErrorIt is servo motion data packet shortage. EDPA was declared when BGPA is undeclared or BGPA is declared without declaring EDPA after BGPA is declared CB4Palletize Z Axis Non Deceleration ErrorPlease declare Z axis by PCHZ or ACHZ Please confirm the restraint, wiring, and the starting point sensor etc.

  1. E23Card ID Error (slave communication)Card ID in reception from the slave card is invalid.
  2. A1AID Error (The IAI protocol is received.)ID in reception is invalid.
  3. E56Linear Motor Temperature ErrorIt is an Error because of the driver notification.
  4. Knowing the root of the problem will help you prevent any spread of damage.
  5. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down.
  6. Manually move slider in to positive territory and do "Error Reset" C75Motion Data Packet Forming Logic ErrorThe motion data packet generation logic is invalid C76Movement Point No.
  7. CAUSE: The parameter was not entered correctly or the correct board was not assembled.
  8. Please input within the allowable data range. 20AServo OFF during movementServo was turned OFF during movement. 20CServo was turned OFF during movement.Start was turned ON during movement. (Hold) 20DDuring movement, STP-OFFSupply

Cause : (1) A looseness in the connection section of the actuator connecting cable or wire breakage is considered. (2) In the case of the unit with the brake, the brake is invalid C2EEmpty Step Shortage ErrorAn empty step to preserve the step data is insufficient. A6Encoder Status Error A7Preload Error A8Motor Excess Voltage Error A9Excess Voltage Error AAElectric Angle Error ABExcess Heat Error ADMotor Current Error AEClock Break Error AFEncoder Burnout Error B0No Program ErrorProgram does Iai Xsel Programming C: [3] Large motor load due to application of external force.

Displays D4 also for C1 (Point Data Error). Iai Pcon Controller Manual E24Response Type Error (slave communication)The response type in reception from the slave card is invalid. Check Specific Axis Parameter #1 to ensure proper setting C90Spline Computation Logic FailureThe spline processing logic is invalid C91Push Multiple Axes Designation ErrorA push movement was specified for more than one http://www.intelligentactuator.com/supersel-legacy-error-codes-descriptions/ This error may also generate when jog operation is restricted (due to contact with an obstacle, contact with a mechanical end before home return, etc.) or when wiring error, faulty encoder

ErrorCauseDescription A1External Interrupt Error1. Iai Xsel Software Download This error indicates that the specified encoder signal level could not be detected after excitation for the time set by parameter No. 29 (Excited-phase signal detection time). An invalid response was received. Generated Fri, 25 Nov 2016 01:06:24 GMT by s_fl369 (squid/3.5.20) ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection

Iai Pcon Controller Manual

Package com.iai.mdle.error Description Contains the MDLe error definitions. http://www.i-a-i.com/products/doc/mdle/api-1.0/com/iai/mdle/error/package-summary.html Treatment : Set the effective value in the Position Setting operation. Iai Robo Cylinder Controller Manual Whichever action is taken under [1] or [2], an absolute reset must be performed. 0E8No A and B Pulse FeedbackPlease check the encoder/cable. Iai Xsel Controller Manual B3Double Subroutine Number ErrorTwo or more of the same subroutine number are used.

A03Low Absolute Encoder Data Backup BatteryThe voltage of the absolute encoder data battery is low. E14SCI Receive Data Register Full Wait Time Out ErrorInterference. Cause : The movement command is input during the home return operation. Solution: Call Program 11 via BCD, use PROG_10 + PRG_1 (Input Bit 11 & 7). Iai Error Codes Google Play

C16Create Stack FailureIt failed in the initialization of the input condition state storage stack C17Enhancing Condition Code ErrorThe program step is invalid. Check moment arm loads (weight & distance). C2BBCD Mark Digit Number Range ErrorSpecified values of the number of BCD mark digits are invalid. At that time, the encoder Z-phase signal is not detected after the specifi ed time period.

PRODUCTS CATALOGS DOWNLOADS VIDEOS CASE STUDIES SUPPORT IAI AMERICA Facebook Twitter Google IAI America, Inc. Iai Robo Cylinder Error Codes A0DThe First Sector No. To view the Detailed Error information, click on "Monitor" from the main menu.

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To print the manual completely, please, download it. Please confirm the file. Please input within the allowable data range. 114Input Over ErrorValue input is too high. Pcon Error Codes An absolute reset must be performed after replacing the absolute battery.

E5DServo Packet ErrorThe servo packet is invalid. E62Transmission Source Slave CPU Type ErrorTransmission former slave CPU type is invalid. Inspect all serial ports and cables involved. 07FBCC ErrorAbnormal Communication, Check for noise. Please modify the positioning width. 122During distribution, multiple axes connectionAxis No.

E2ENecessary Power Stage Not Equipped ErrorA necessary power stage is not mounted for an effective axis. The limit is 15 nested statements. East US 888-354-9470 | Central 800-944-0333 | West 800-736-1712 Facebook Twitter Google Facebook Twitter Google Email Updates Contact Us Register Login Your Account PRODUCTS New Products Products Overview Product Categories ROBO C: [4] Large slide resistance of the actuator itself.

A: [2] Check the wiring condition of the brake cable, and also turn on/off the brake release switch to see if the brake makes "click" sounds. If this error cannot be cleared by restarting the controller through cycling the power, then please contact IAI. 0D6FAN error detectionPlease check the electrical connection for the fan and make sure Cause : The position deviation counter is over-fl own. E26Target Type ErrorThe target type is invalid.

When you have insufficient RAM space, you will need to buy more RAM chips. E38Slave EEPROM Failure.Slave EEPROM failed. PreprocessorError A MDLe Compiler Error that pertains to a failure at the preprocessor stage. If the voltage is normal, please contact IAI. 0CFPIO Power MonitorPower monitor function is provided to prevent burning of the I/O board or breakdown of parts caused by an abnormal voltage

of operation B12SEL Command Return Code Storage Variable No. Treatment : (1) and (2) Check for the actuator connecting cable wiring condition. (3) Confi rm that there is no error in the mechanical part assembly condition. (4) In the case ErrorDevice No. is invalid C3DString No.

There is a possibility that numerical values (0 is acceptable) other than output port No. Please confirm I/O parameter No.100-111 and the state of the I/O slot B10Z-phase Search Time-out ErrorZ-phase cannot be detected. ErrorInvalid I/O port flag No 930Coordinate System No. Although the specific wait time varies depending on the input voltage and number of external regenerative resistors connected, as a general guide wait for at least 40 seconds before reconnecting the

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