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Iai Controller Error Codes


The limit is 15 nested statements. InvalidA specified value of palletize No. Using cartesian firmware on SCARA or vise versa. PRODUCTS CATALOGS DOWNLOADS VIDEOS CASE STUDIES SUPPORT IAI AMERICA Facebook Twitter Google IAI America, Inc. check over here

E85Undetermined Driver Ready OFF Factor ErrorDriver Ready OFF factor is irregular. Q: Do I have to wait for the Robo Cylinder to reach the final position in point-to-point mode before I tell it to move to another position? Demand ErrorIt was a unit with CPU of the driver etc. , and reading was demanded for the one of the unmounting. If the controller is of the absolute encoder type, please try performing an absolute reset; change the batteries;or test the electrical connections in the cables/connectors.

Iai Controller Error Codes

The only time you have to re-home is if you have a major axis fault or cycle power on the controller. When the communication is established when PC/TP is mis-connected with user opening SIO-CH1, it is generated. 803Reception Time-out Status (The IAI protocol is received.)The interval after the initial byte of data East US 888-354-9470 | Central 800-944-0333 | West 800-736-1712 Facebook Twitter Google Facebook Twitter Google Email Updates Contact Us Register Login Your Account PRODUCTS New Products Products Overview Product Categories ROBO Three slider types and two rod types to choose from.

  1. ErrorInvalid Step No 902Symbol Definition Table No.
  2. is invalid. - Only X-SEL : C35Point No.
  3. ErrorDevice No.
  4. Demand ErrorWith the unit with CPU of the driver etc.
  5. is invalid C37Flag No.
  6. CAUSE: [1] The voltage of the absolute-encoder backup battery is low.
  7. Simply dial in the new Command Position inputs and pulse the start input.
  8. Make sure that the external power source works well.

Check I/O Parameters to ensure proper settings D68Uninstalled Remote Mode Control Support BoardHardware which supports the remote mode control is not installed though remote mode control (AUTO/MANU) is specified by I/O B6Undefined Tag NumberTag Number is not defined. Therefore, it does not stop at soft limit and exceeds the valid stroke range. • By soft limit setting fault, soft limit is set higher than the valid stroke limit. Iai Error Codes Google Play F3Main CPUMight have main CPU fault due to age of controller.

The Robo Cylinder can move to the next point before it reaches the first. Iai Robo Cylinder Controller Manual ErrorSource number was set outside the range of 1 ~ 9. in which the program step was not registered C05Program First Step BGSR ErrorThe first command in a program cannot be BGSR C06Executable Step Undetected ErrorIn the program being executed, there are Also check that encoder cabling is correct.

E79Response Failure During EEPROM Data Setting Slave Command TransmissionWhen setting slave command was transmitted, an invalid response was received. Iai Xsel Programming Please end the execution of the program A2ADefined Program is not RunningThe specified program is not running A2BIllegal Program Execution in AUTO ModeProgram execution from the software is prohibited in AUTO Possibly bad encoder or distorted mechanical stop C9DCard parameter Write ErrorThe card parameter write is invalid C9EServo Calculation Overflow ErrorAn internal calculation of the servo is invalid CA1The ABS Encoder Backup A12Core Part Code Sector Block ID Deletion Frequency ExaggeratedThe deletion frequency of flash ROM exceeds a permissible frequency.

Iai Robo Cylinder Controller Manual

SUBSCRIBE! http://www.intelligentactuator.com/robo-cylinders/ Monitor this output and turn on the contacts for the motor power via a relay. Iai Controller Error Codes This occurs when number of rotation exceeds 5000 rpm. 0E7No A, B and Z FeedbackPlease check the encoder/cable. 0EEAbsolute encoder error detected 2This error indicates that the ASIC board installed in Iai Pcon Controller Manual YesNo Your Company Your Title Street Address City State/Region * ALABAMAALASKAARIZONAARKANSASCALIFORNIA (Northern)CALIFORNIA (Southern)COLORADOCONNECTICUTCOSTA RICADELAWAREDISTRICT OF COLUMBIADOMINICAN REPUBLICFLORIDAGEORGIAHAWAIIIDAHOILLINOIS (Northern)ILLINOIS (Southern)INDIANAIOWAKANSASKENTUCKYLOUISIANAMAINEMARYLANDMASSACHUSETTSMICHIGAN (Eastern)MICHIGAN (Western)MINNESOTAMISSISSIPPIMISSOURIMONTANANEBRASKANEVADANEW HAMPSHIRENEW JERSEY (Northern)NEW JERSEY (Southern)NEW MEXICONEW YORK (Other than NYC

Please do not confirm whether diverge the correspondence of the IF?IS instruction, the correspondence of EDIF, the DO instruction, and EDDO and in syntaxes (outside the syntax in the GOTO instruction) check my blog C: [2] The encoder cable is disconnected. CAUSE: [1] Faulty nonvolatile memory. [2] The memory has been rewritten more than 100,000 times. 0F9Abnormal PLD1) Contact IAI Tech Support to walk-thru initialization procedure of controller. D6Axis ErrorMore than 3 axes are designated in circular/arc motion. Iai Xsel Controller Manual

What happens on the outputs? It is necessary to readjust the Z-phase position. ErrorFlag No. http://technewsonline.net/error-codes/ibm-error-codes-list.html You may also download your own copy of the IAI Product Overview Brochure.

Q: I'm a bit confused on what happens when the RCP rod type torques out in push mode and when it strokes out in push mode. Iai Xsel Software Download Please confirm the noise, the circuit trouble, and the slave card. Solution: Check for electrical noise sources on the power line (if unavoidable then maybe use a UPS to condition the power line).

Inspect all serial ports and cables involved. 069Detection of realtime clock oscillation stopCAUSE : The calendar function is stopped and the current time data is lost.

C: [2] Piano switch 4 on the simple absolute unit is not set correctly. C: [4] Large slide resistance of the actuator itself. E09SCI Parity Error (slave communication)Interference. Pcon Error Codes If still unable to resolve then contact IAI Tech Support to return for repair.

E6BUndetermined Shut Down Factor ErrorThe shutdown factor is irregular. E42Servo Job ErrorThe servo job is invalid. Confirm that the system is grounded. have a peek at these guys Both the RCP4 and RCS3 series of linear positioning actuators are available in an extensive array of rod, slider, and flat type configurations, accommodating a wide variety of application requirements.

E51Drive Part Error (DRVESR)It is an Error because of the driver notification. A07Motorola, Inc. E3Controlling Column ErrorUse of condition is not correct. Displays D4 also for C1 (Point Data Error).

E88Power Supply System ErrorA power supply system error was detected. E1BPoint Data Valid Address ErrorA point data effective address is not set. E4BEncoder Count ErrorThe encoder count Error was detected. An absolute reset must be performed after replacing the absolute battery.

C2Axis Double Execution ErrorMove command given to axis currently moving. NeededProduct Selection HelpCAD File/PDF File HelpTech Support Needed for Our ProductOther Website IssueOther General Questions Subject * Your Message * Your Preferred Distributor Name (if any) Additional Interest ---Phone MeetingSales CallLunch ErrorCauseDescription A1External Interrupt Error1. reload the original parameters and reset controller.

Check Specific Axis Parameter #37 0: Rotary 1: Linear. B7Subroutine Pair ErrorBGSR and EDSR are not the same quantity. B1Program Execution ErrorExecution of a currently executing program. The voltage level is different to turn on inputs and when outputs are on..

E2DReception Data Check Sum Error During EEPROM Information AcquisitionSlave, EEPROM, information, acquisition, command, transmit. ErrorZone No. Slider Type, Coupled Slider Type, Side-mounted motor Mini Rod Type, Nut-mounting Mini Rod Type, Tapped-hole mounting RCA2-SA3C 32mm width

RCA2-SA4C 40mm width RCA2-SA5C 50mm width RCA2-SA6C 60mm width RCA2-SA3R 32mm width

SCARA -- vibration or motion of arm during shipment may have caused the encoder value to become corrupted.

Motor Over Current. 2. If the axis has a brake, make sure it is releasing properly D0BDriver EEPROM Data ErrorData write to EEPROM is prohibited D0CEncoder EEPROM Data ErrorThere is an error I in the E82Card Mismatch ErrorThere is a problem in the combination or the position where the I/O slot card is installed. The limit is 15 nested subroutines.