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Nautilus Hyosung Error Codes


Check Cash Dispenser Unit information. 2. If the error does not repeat again, complete a live dispense to verify the note diverter moves the currency to the exit position. Get the trace file and log files in D:\trace 2. Check notes in 1 Cassette2. weblink

Otherwise the dispenser may require service C0043 More than 10 notes rejected during one transaction Verify the quality of the cash. Remove jammed currency. 2. Reboot ATM 2. Error Code: 186 Description: Bill size not configured Recommended Action: Default value is factory set to $0.00.

Nautilus Hyosung Error Codes

Inspect the feed path for currency that is stuck together or jammed. Error Code: 308(38h)[8] Description: Illegal Command or Command Sequence. Remove dust in CS13 Sensor 3. Check if the CS41AB sensor cable is disconnected 3.

If cash dispenser operates normally, it will pick from seven to fifteen notes from each cassette to calibrate the double detect to the document in each of the cassettes. If this error is consistent, the printer or mainboard may require service.1800CE, 2700CE, 5000CE, 5300CEADN0F00No response detected for 30 seconds after sending command sending commandCheck cable and connection between the CE Inspect the note diverter in the note transport module. Epp Error Atm Replace hard disk drive1800CE, 2700CE, 5000CE, 5300CE9712100Failed to read file1.

If no bills are present try using compressed air to clean the dispenser (a sensor may be blocked by dust). Hyosung Error Code 97999 Reboot ATM 2. The two codes must match. Check jam in 1 cassette and reload 4.

Reboot ATM1800CE, 2700CE, 5000CE, 5300CE9740020Failed to create file1. Hyosung 1800 Error Codes Try the reset button on the printer. Recommended Action: Restart the operating system. Check the condition of the white plastic cassette retaining clips in the dispenser.

Hyosung Error Code 97999

Check received command 2. http://www.atmexperts.com/atm_error_codes.html Empty F0016 Default Master Password is not changed F0020 Host IP Address is not inputted F0021 RMS IP or Port is not inputted in RMS Enable P0001 Deposit Error Deposit Error Nautilus Hyosung Error Codes Check cash dispenser1800CE, 2700CE, 5000CE, 5300CE974FF00When sensing bills in the Stacker (Error code, 400FF00 is subdivided by location of sensor.)N/A1800CE, 2700CE, 5000CE, 5300CE97911XXDEV_JPR Timeover Error Code1. Hyosung Error Code 97999(04) If the currency is in ""fit"" condition and the error condition persists, consider replacing the note cassette or the dispensing mechanism.

Remove a dust on the CS13 sensor1800CE, 2700CE, 5000CE, 5300CE4005600Abnormal operation of the gate solenoid during dispense operation.1. have a peek at these guys Clean CS13 40029CS1A or CS13 sensor detects note in delivery path before/after CDU dispenses1. Install after rearranging notes in cassette 4004A00Error of note jam (Separated rejection)_ Remove jammed notes on CDU return path _ Remove dust in CS1~CS4 sensor _ Install after rearranging notes in Remove a jammed note between the tray and Cash Dispenser2. Hyosung Epp Error

  1. Check settings of 3 Cassette FM Board Dip Switch (#2, #4, #6 On) 5.
  2. Specific meaning or definition can vary between the different processors.
  3. Please try the request again.
  4. Otherwise, replace the dispenser.
  5. Error Code: 330(4Eh)[N] Description: Communication timeout.

Contact host processorD00A9ETX omitted (from configuration message)Contact host processorD0300Modem is not respondingVerify modem function.D1000No ConnectionVerify modem function.D1100ENQ not received from hostContact host processorD1200Transmission errorVerify modem function.D1300NAK sent 3 times to hostVerify If they are broken the cassette will not stay in the dispenser. 20002 Low Cash Low cash warning sensor on dispenser is open. Check the abnormal communication cable.3. check over here If the error persists, replace the dispensing mechanism.

C004C Miscount of notes between sensors Verify operation of exit gate. Hyosung 2700 Error Codes Make sure you are running the latest application version. Check CS21A, CS21B Sensor Cable3.

Remove dust in CS1~CS4 sensor 8217091Card in card reader1.

Do RESET at Operator Function 2. When the note is stuck in the note transport sensor. 2. In line filter may fix this. Hyosung Tech Support Reinitialize3.

Check with Triton Systems Technical Support for known software incompatibilities. You may also want to try the reset button on the printer to clear this error. Contact host processorD00A0FS omitted (after account balance)Verify that version of Mini-Bank Software matches host processor. this content Check foreign objects at the position of the CS5 Sensor Guide 4.

Check the replenished amount and replenish 2. Reconfigure the maximum dispensable count1800CE, 2700CE, 5000CE, 5300CE971A400In case the number of coins dispensed exceeds the maximum dispensing coin1. Reboot ATM 2. If this error persists, the printer will require service.

Reconfigure cash dispenser setup data 9719600The abnormal of the number of Cash Unit1. Check CS8 Sensor Cable6. Clean CS1A and CS1B 40028CS13 sensor detects note in delivery path before/after CDU dispenses1. Check bill jam or no note in cassette #11800CE, 2700CE, 5000CE, 5300CE9745500System power off while dispensing1.

Reboot ATM 2. Check notes dispensed and rejected 2. Remove and fill the affected cassette using normal procedures. To show that card was inserted into the ICRW through rear side by external force 3001700To show that the card was not carried to the specific location after specified number of

Remove any jammed currency. 2. Call your attendant1800CE, 2700CE, 5000CE, 5300CE9792AXXDEV_FNG FATALERROR (WARNING)1. Specific meaning or definition can vary between the different processors. Remove note from the CDU delivery path.2.

Clear terminal error code. Inspect for jammed currency in the feed path and at the Exit sensor. Check CS8 Sensor Cable 6. Contact host processorD00A2FS omitted (after available balance)Verify that version of Mini-Bank Software matches host processor.

Exchange 1 cassette box when there are many error 4004800Error if the number of dispensed notes is not matched to the requested1. Error Code: 305(35h)[5] Description: Diverter Failure. Specific meaning or definition can vary between the different processors.