There are a number of apps available in the Android Play Store. Many of those apps are also having few of the functionalities which are repetitive in nature. It is important to select the application which can help us to perform the desired operation satisfactorily with the least amount of effort. As human effort is reduced this will help in ensuring that we can focus on other tasks as per the need.

Few of the applications available in the Play Store are having some of the most essential functionalities to perform our daily operations. One should try out the application from the list of different alternatives available to ensure that they are using the best alternative from them. It will even help you to simplify your processes by managing them with these applications.

Best free mobile apps available in 2018

We have discussed here a few of the amazing mobile apps available in 2018 prepared via mobile app development. Each of these apps is made available here after trying them out to bring this comprehensive list of most successful applications. You can select the application from this list which is giving you the most required benefits from their peculiarities.

  1. Nova Launcher: If you are fond of icon customization and want to have your device look more elegant then Nova Launcher will help you to do that. You can have a number of icon packs which will help you to completely transform the way in which your device display is showing you different functions. There are a number of users who want to have still a more customized look of their device. They can purchase the prime version of this application which will unlock a number of features useful for them.
  2. Google Assistant: One would require a number of operations to be performed in their device which include triggering an application, asking questions, playing games, and many more. Google Assistant is one such voice-controlled assistant which will take your voice as an input and will perform a number of different operations.
  3. Swiftkey: We all use a keyboard on our mobile device for typing a number of important information. Swiftkey is one such smart keyboard which is useful for making smart predictions about what you are typing. It will be taking into consideration different kinds of typing habits which you are having. This will help them to make the correct predictions about your writing and help you to write more effectively and efficiently.
  4. Google Duo: With the advent of technology, video calling is also quite popular. It is important to have a good internet connection for most of the applications to have a video call. Google Duo is a video calling application which can perform the desired video calling without facing any kind of issue regarding the internet connection. This will help you to perform the desired audio or video calling effectively and will also be beneficial for your business to grow rapidly.
  5. Evernote: During our regular work, it is required to take numerous notes which is useful for different tasks to be performed. This will require a proper application which can help us to have proper notes and reminders which can help us to manage different tasks with which we are involved with. Evernote is one such application which is beneficial for taking different notes and also set reminders of different tasks which we have to perform.


Thus, we can say that there are a number of applications available for mobile devices, prepared by mobile app development which can help us to perform our tasks in a proper manner. Each of these applications is having their own peculiarities and benefits to be used for a particular usage. You can perform a number of operations in your daily life by effectively utilizing all these applications.

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